The Money Market

This is not a tip website for stocks and shares But just a reminder that Wisemoneyme is watching the market and has a little bet some times Now the euro is getting a little wobbly Watch it.

Present Trump has not fallen over the garden hose this week at the White house.So the US Dollar is rising nicely and will do so for the next few months So today Wisemoneyme went long on the USD / AUD,Also wisemoneyme will be sorting out our money in bank deposit in our Australian bank and calling it US dollars in our Australian bank.The Australian dollar has a bad smell about it

Now end of this week If your bank will not give you 3% on fixed deposit for 3 months Get another bank because your been robbed St George bank will do it for you as there doing for Wisemoneyme.

Also with the fast rising US dollar. Only take fixed deposit for three months.  Because you been screwed by your bank


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